Meet the Dogs



Mila is a Slovakian Pointer x English Pointer, nine years old and leader of the pack. She is always on the go, fantastic at agility and loves to be stroked, cuddled and brushed! Mila is one of our most adept therapy dogs, she knows just how to interact with just about anybody.



Tom is an English Pointer, ten years old and our gentle giant. He is known for standing still awaiting to be brushed and cuddled. Tom is great at agility and will gladly show you all his tricks in return for some treats. He also loves a tennis balls and likes to carry two or three in his mouth at one time!



Skye is a Springer Spaniel, eight years old and obsessed with tennis balls! Skye will chase tennis balls all day long if you let her. Skye is one of our quietest therapy dogs, she prefers to sit calmly next to you and be stroked. She can do some agility activities but not all. She is however a popular little lady among the group. Skye is used in some school sessions and on the Farm with other client groups.



Tes joined the pack in 2016. She is a Border Collie, one year old and currently training to herd our sheep. We predominantly use Tes on the Farm where clients can help to train her. Tes’s instincts are to herd other animals; she’s fast and very much focused. She also loves attention and playing fetch.



Bumble is a Yorkshire Terrier x Lhasa Apaso and is four years old. Bumble is smaller than his brother, Badger and is very sweet natured and just loves to be cuddled. He’s not too keen on agility unlike Badger. Bumble is a very calming little chap and will do a few tricks for you in return for some treats.



Badger, like his brother, is a Yorkshire Terrier x Lhasa Apaso and aged four years old.

Badger although small believes he is as big and Mila and Tom. In fact Badger likes to be in control of the pack. Badger is fantastic at agility and loves to play ball.



Cookie is a six-month-old Border Collie. Cookie is a very special little chap as he’s missing three toes on his back left paw, however this doesn’t seem to bother him. He is a gentle little pup but if you turn your back for too long he can be found causing mischief!



Two-month-old Misty is the newest addition to Nurture Dogs. Misty was born in May 2017 to our Border Collie ‘Tes’ and is already a firm favourite with staff and service users alike!