Meet the People

_DSC1612 Gill De’ath

Gill is founder of Nurture Dogs CIC. She is a mother of 4 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. Gill has a Foundation Degree in Special Educational Needs (SEN). For three years Gill worked in a Primary School setting with behaviour students and twelve years in a Secondary school. Gill has a wealth of experience to bring to Nurture Dogs CIC in animal husbandry, child care, special needs, developing interventions for young people with learning difficulties, group work and managing staff. Gill is one of five directors of Nurture Dogs CIC (Inc Dedham Therapy Farm).

 20289803_1634538526558754_737951237_n Dave De’ath

Dave is a founder of Nurture Dogs CIC and is a qualified Occupational Therapist (OT). He works as a Volunteer Therapist with Nurture Dogs CIC. Dave also has a postgraduate teaching qualification and works as an honorary Lecturer at the University Of Essex.

Over the years Dave has helped Gill (his wife) with fostering children, providing respite care to children with disabilities and helped young offenders to rehabilitate. Dave is a dog enthusiast and has owned and loved dogs his whole life.

Dave is also the Treasurer and one of five Directors of Nurture Dogs CIC (Inc Dedham Therapy Farm).

 _DSC1620 Katie Harwood

Katie  started as a volunteer in 2014 and is a Director of Nurture Dogs CIC. Katie is Manager of Dedham Therapy Farm and works five days per week. She is also a trustee of Colchester Gateway Club and trained as a Body Balance instructor.

 13245303_1203115403045634_1628603145976874216_n Ed Jude

Ed is one of the five Directors of Nurture Dogs CIC and works three days a week. He started with Nurture Dogs in 2015 and primarily works with service-users at Dedham Therapy Farm.

 _DSC1569 Tom Stentiford

Tom is one of five Directors of Nurture Dogs CIC and volunteers his time 3 days per week.
Tom started with Nurture Dogs back in 2012 and accompanied Gill & Dave on their weekly session in schools. He now volunteers his time three days per week at Dedham Therapy Farm.

 image1 Ilona Heley

Ilona volunteers her time to Nurture Dogs twice per week. She is a qualified canine-assisted therapist and joined our team at the beginning of 2017. Ilona has a five-year-old son and two dogs, Yuffi and Marley. She also volunteers her time twice per week at the National Animal Welfare Trust Clacton, as well as at Colchester Gateway Club.


Nurture Dogs have a few volunteers on board and occasional help out with sessions when needed. If you would like to become a Nurture Dog volunteer or interested in knowing more about this role, please email us your CV to: